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Shift leader

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40 hours per week

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How many night shifts are realistic for you?

31 per month

How much paid overtime is feasible for you?

20 hours overtime per month

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Our benefits

Vacation pay

Vacation pay2

Tax-free night allowances

Tax-free night allowances1 15 %

50% fitness surcharge, max. 20,- €/month

50% fitness surcharge, max. 20,- €/month

Supplements for overtime

Supplements for overtime 100 %

Paid overtime

Paid overtime

Free consumption of drinks

Free consumption of drinks

Staff consumption as a benefit from McDonalds Eckstein

Burgers, fries & co.

Capital-forming benefits a benefit from McDonalds Eckstein

Capital-forming benefits

Laundry surcharge, a service provided by McDonalds Eckstein

Laundry surcharge 3

Christmas bonus, a benefit from McDonalds Eckstein

Christmas bonus 4

  1. Our night shift times: 21:00-06:00, tax-free from 22:00
  2. You will receive vacation pay after one year with the company.
  3. We pay you 0.05 €/hour. laundry allowance.
  4. You will receive a Christmas bonus after one year with the company.

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At McDonald's, we make it easy for you to become part of our team!

The application process is simple and direct, so you can seize your opportunity without any detours. Simply fill in the following fields with your details. And that's all there is to it! It couldn't be simpler.

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Questions about working in the restaurant

We endeavor to process all applications quickly and get back to you within 48 hours of receiving your application. The entire process may vary depending on the position and location.

The minimum age limit for working at McDonald's depends on local labor laws. In many countries, young people aged 16 and over can work in certain positions, while other positions may require a higher minimum age.

New employees undergo a structured induction program that includes both theoretical and practical training elements. This is designed to help you settle into your new working environment quickly and get off to a successful start at McDonald's.

Working at McDonald's means being part of a global team that values diversity, teamwork and customer service. We offer flexible working hours, training opportunities and the chance to grow in a dynamic and supportive environment.